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Company Overview

Executive Suites acquires, owns, and manages next generation Business Centers. Our Centers attract regional business executives, teleworkers, and entrepreneurs who are looking for outsourced workplace solutions. We provide turn-key private office suites, virtual office, and teleworker solutions, and each of our workplace packages can be bundled with internet access, local, long distance and international phone service, conference calling, hosted/virtual PBX services, IT service and equipment, outsourced application management, hosting, data storage, security, video, graphics and web design, administrative, and other outsourced manpower services.

The Business Case for Executive Suites


Entrepreneurs and small business organizations across America seek to more effectively manage business risk, maximize their financial resources, and accelerate growth in a cost-effective and rapid manner. Business startups that design and launch their businesses in conjunction with an Executive Suites Business Center will have a higher probability of success vs.. running their business out of their home. SMBs looking to expand their business, either regionally or nationally, can accelerate business growth at a lower cost by leveraging ExecuCourt’s virtual office and virtual PBX platforms.

Workplace outsourcing enables companies to rapidly seize new market opportunities because the office, technology and manpower infrastructure is already in place, which is particularly beneficial when businesses are setting up offices in emerging markets. Each business Center includes a client-driven mix of offices, meeting rooms and common areas and hosting centers. An advanced communications system, Internet access and IT and administrative support are also standard features. Additionally, clients can utilize Executive Suites full menu of business services, including meeting rooms, video conferencing, business support services, and catering -- on a pay-per-use basis.

Market Acceptance


The original Executive Suites concept of convenient, affordable, flexible, private office space has been rapidly embraced by entrepreneurs who are either starting a business or have a business up and running. Executive Suites has attracted lawyers, accountants, travel agents, insurance agents, and other service providers that need a sensible professional office environment as opposed to high-end office space.

Executive Suites has also proven to be attractive to larger companies, as well. Executive Suites customers include:

  • Wachovia

  • Weyerhauser Paper

  • Atlas Carpet Mills

  • Church & Dwight (owners of Arm & Hammer and other companies)

  • Toshiba Machine Corporation

  • State Farm Insurance

  • Actel Corporation

  • Direct Media

  • Bio King

  • Washing Systems, Inc.




Our daily mission is to create a productive and inspiring work environment that empowers entrepreneurs to reach their business goals and realize their dreams.




Our vision is to be the leading low-cost provider of outsourced suburban office & virtual workplaces in the United States.



Corporate Values


  • To be trusting and chipper, radiating a ‘can-do’ attitude toward all those involved with the company

  • To be open, honest and ethical toward the stakeholders of the company.

  • To treat my co-workers with respect and dignity at all times.

  • To have fun in the workplace.

  • To put forth new ideas, innovate, and boldly embrace change in the organization.

  • To be a Team player and subordinate self-interest to the greater good of the company.

  • To constantly strive to create value and increase profits for the organization and its shareholders.

  • To be a contributing corporate citizen of the global community, extending time and resources to worthy causes.

  • To make every employee an owner in the company.

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